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K Thorpe Photography

Rain on your wedding day. It isn’t ideal. The reality of a Fiji destination wedding is you’ve chosen to tie-the-knot in the tropics, so be prepared to experience a few drops of rain. Maybe even a downpour. Just embrace it.

For the unacquainted, Konrad has been capturing couples wedding days in Fiji for the past four years.

“Thankfully, not many of those have been in the rain, considering how temperamental the weather can be here,” Thorpe said. “No more than six of those would have been in the wet”.

At under 10%, that’s a fairly favourable percentage for couples that they’ll be celebrating their wedding day unaffected by mother nature.

Thorpe confirms that overcast conditions are better for photos, and are his preference. “There are way less harsh shadows on faces”.

“I actually avoid beach photos in general, unless specifically asked for them. I find them really overrated. I prefer capturing areas that you don’t really associate with Fiji, as you can get better beaches in many other areas of the world”.

“Having said that, it really depends on the couple. I’m more than happy to get photos in the rain if the couple don’t care about getting wet. If not, I try to find interesting areas and shapes within the resort to get great photos,” Thorpe explained.

And if the weather is miserable, his advice is to not let it dampen your spirits.

“At the end of the day, all that should matter is you guys getting married and everyone enjoys themselves. I’ll work around the weather to still ensure you get the most out of your day.”

He says couples that are blasé about getting wet are “definitely the easiest to work with, as all they care about is getting married and making sure their guests have a blast of a time”.


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