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Why You Should Be Spending Christmas in Fiji (And What to Expect if You Do)

If you’re sick of Christmas at home and want to try something unforgettable, then it’s time to seriously consider spending next Christmas in Fiji. On top of the idyllic islands, crystal clear waters, and warm golden beaches, you can still enjoy a holiday of culture, with a traditional Fijian Christmas. Without having to cook or clear up afterwards. Win-Win.

Here are the top reasons you should spend Christmas in Fiji, and how the locals celebrate!

3 Reasons to Pack Your Bags for Christmas in Fiji

There are over 300 islands in Fiji, giving you more than 300 reasons to go. But if you only need three reasons, here they are.

1. A Stunning Change of Scenery

Christmas in Fiji is also its summer season, so you can expect warm afternoons and cool nights which is perfect if you’re travelling from the UK or Europe and looking to swap the snow for the sun! Start your own tropical traditions when you explore Fiji’s exquisite beaches and soak up the sun on the sand.

Why not try a Christmas snorkel? Even in December, dive spots are available to immerse yourself in the beauty of the coral reefs and abundant marine life. Fiji at Christmas could be just the change in scenery you need to start the next year off right!


2. Skip the Normal Christmas Stress

For many people, Christmas isn’t all festive cheer. Let’s be honest, it can also be very stressful. From planning and organising gifts, parties, and family visits, to cooking for large groups, and all the cleaning that comes with that afterwards, it can be a lot to handle.

Hosting and going to different holiday gatherings can be tiring, and it doesn’t leave much time to rest and recharge after a year of being busy. That’s why Fiji is the perfect escape for Christmas.

Once you step into your island of choice, you can forget about all your worries, recharge, and focus on just yourselves this year. You can shut off everything else and embrace the scenery and the calming sounds of the waves.


3. Fijian Hospitality

For us, the best reason to visit Fiji, especially around the holidays is to experience the Fijian hospitality and culture. Fijians traditionally celebrate Christmas filled with food and the community coming together. It can help you truly appreciate the meaning of Christmas; if we’re honest, you’ll probably want to keep coming back each year!


How Fijians Celebrate Christmas and New Year

Fijians love Christmas and New Year, and still celebrate these occasions with as much fun and tradition as any others. Here is what you can expect when you spend Christmas in Fiji:

There are over 300 islands in Fiji, giving you more than 300 reasons to go. But if you only need three reasons, here they are.

1. Singing and Dancing

Traditional Fijian Christmas celebrations start two weeks before Christmas Day. Locals will gather as a community in large houses to sing and perform traditional ‘Meke’ dances. They will also decorate trees with colourful ribbons which is something most resorts do for guests who stay around the holidays.

2. Feasts

Don’t worry, you’ll still get a Christmas feast! But in Fiji, traditionally most feasts are created in a ‘Lovo’ which is a hot underground oven created outside the home. You’ll enjoy the traditional Fijian drink of ‘Kava’ as well as dishes like ‘kokoda and vakalolo’. 

3. Fijian Spirit

If the feasts and the dancing aren’t enough for you, you’ll enjoy the enormous Fijian community spirit that comes with Christmas and New Year celebrations. Bringing people together is what Fijians do best, which is why you can expect street parties, resort parties, and even boat parties as an opportunity to celebrate the new year. And if you don’t feel like partying, you can enjoy the new year’s fireworks from the beach.

Christmas in Fiji gives you all the fun that you need, far from the worries of your life back home. It offers an escape to paradise with unbeatable beach views, culture, and the Fijian Spirit that you will never want to leave! The only thing it doesn’t have? The snowmen!

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