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Top 10 Fiji Cultural activities to do in 2023

Fiji is a dream destination for many couples and families alike. Its pristine white beaches and resorts are among the best the world has to offer. But there are more ways to enjoy Fiji than just sipping a cocktail by the beach at sunset. Fiji is also rich in cultural activities that will both entertain and educate.

Home to indigenous people, their customs and traditions have been kept alive after hundreds of years. Visiting Fiji is not just about the water sports and the first-class resorts but also about the historical places, food, and celebrations you can find all over the islands.

So, make your Fiji holiday even more memorable with these top cultural activities in 2023.

1. Visiting a Local Village

Visiting a local village in Fiji is like hopping into a time machine. Many villagers live in traditional bures, retaining customs and traditions that have remained unchanged throughout the years. This is the heart of Fiji culture.

There are several villages to visit in Fiji, with some found in more remote locations than others, requiring a trek or a boat ride. Aside from traditional bures, you’ll also get to witness how locals live off the environment, relying on plants for food and even medicine.

And speaking of food, you’ll get a taste of local cuisines along with traditional songs, dances, and other activities like pottery and basket weaving. By the end of your visit, you’ll have a better appreciation of what traditional Fiji is. 


2. Taking Part in Kava Ceremony

When you visit a village you could also take part in a Kava Ceremony which involves consuming Kava, the national drink of Fiji. Also called Yaqona, it’s made by crushing the yaqona plant root and mixing it with water. It’s a mild narcotic and sedative, but nothing that should harm you so don’t worry!

Kava is traditionally consumed by the village chief during times of celebration like welcoming guests or other important events. But it’s more than just taking a sip of this drink, partaking in the Kava ceremony is where the soul of the experience is. 

Image courtesy of Outrigger Fiji.

3. Fire Walking Ceremony

You’ve probably heard of this one, but it’s one of the most awe-inspiring activities to witness – walking on a bed of firey stones without getting burnt. Also known as a traditional fire walking ceremony. This sacred celebration has been practised for generations among the members of the Sawau tribe on Beqa island.

It’s celebrated annually as a rite of passage or a test of faith or courage. Aside from fire walking, the ceremony tells a story that also includes singing, dancing, and stunts.

4. Visit the Local Markets

Shopping in local markets puts you right in the middle of the action. You’ll get to see Fijians at work, from farmers to pot makers. bringing in their crops of vegetables and herbs to merchants offering food, handicrafts, jewellery, and other products.

There are several kinds of markets around Fiji to visit. There’s the farmer’s market, flea market, handicraft market for Fijian jewellery and other souvenirs, or the pottery market for locally made pottery.

5. Visit the National Museum of Fiji

The National Museum of Fiji is located in Suva, Fiji’s capital city. It was established in 1892 and houses many historical artefacts and cultural items, some from thousands of years ago. Aside from Fijian objects, it’s also home to some Indian objects from the time Indian labourers came to Fiji. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday and requires a minimal admission fee.

6. See the Botanical Gardens 

There are several gardens around Fiji and they’re all committed to conserving the local flora, including rare and endangered species. But the botanical gardens are home to over 2,000 species of tropical flora including banana trees, breadfruit trees, coconut palms, date palms, fig trees, guava trees, as well as other flowers and plants. The gardens are open daily and admission is $10 per person but it’s s stunning example of flora and fauna available around Fiji.

Image courtesy of Savurua Botanical Gardens Fiji.

7. Take a Cooking Class

Food is an important part of any culture. So why not join a cooking class and take a culinary adventure? Fijian food is heavily influenced by Indian, Polynesian, Chinese, and Western cultures, and cooking classes are offered at various locations across Fiji. With the menus varying depending on the season, you’ll get a different experience each time you book!

Image courtesy of Nanuku Resort Fiji.

8. Watch a Traditional Fijian Dance Performance

Traditional Fijian dances are performed throughout Fiji with Meke considered the most impressive among the different forms. Its performance tells stories about legends, love, and the spirit of the region as told through different symbolic movements.

9. Attend a Festival

There are numerous festivals held throughout Fiji each year which you can plan your trip around. These events celebrate the culture of Fiji and feature music, dancing, food, and sports. Not only are festivals a great way to have fun and party, but it also allows you to experience the spirit of the activity and celebrate why it’s important to the culture.

Festivals you can look at in Fiji include the Pacific Arts Festival, the Pacific Island Games, and the Pacific Mini Games. 

10. Explore the Coral Reef

Coral reefs cover much of Fiji’s coastline, and there are several diving and snorkelling sites where you can swim with colourful fish and explore. Thanks to Fiji’s weather and water conditions, you’re able to dive year-round. That said, if you want the best visibility in this underwater world, be sure to visit between July and December.

Image courtesy of Aqua-Trek Beqa.

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