Picture credit above: Mantaray Island

We all know Fiji as a land of plenty – wide white beaches with shimmering blue waters, palm trees swaying in the breeze and the hospitality and warmth of the Fijian people. It’s a famous destination spot for those wanting to stretch out on warm sand and soak up the sun, and we’ve written about a lot of amazing resorts and spas where you can indulge in every possible form of relaxation out there. But if you’re more interested in having an intrepid adventure than a serene sojourn, fear not! Fiji has everything you could possibly need to get that adrenaline pumping!

With so much to do, there’s no time to waste, so here’s a quick intro to some of the top adventure activities in Fiji. 

Picture credit above left: Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash. Photo above right arefoot Kuata Fiji

Let’s start with the basics: I’m Going Under

With any island paradise, there are a couple of awesome aquatic options built in. If you’re just getting into adventure mode, why not dip your toes in (pun very much intended) with a fun afternoon of snorkelling, kayaking, wind-sailing, or even deep sea diving? Fiji’s crystalline waters are home to a dizzying array of exotic and beautiful underwater inhabitants – start off checking out the amazing coral reefs, and work your way up to swimming with dolphins, turtles and even sharks! Many hotels will have their own signature experiences available for you to try out, which can help you make the most of the environment and natural beauty of the area.

Picture credit above left: Talanoa Treks. Right: Skydive Fiji

Time to get your land-legs

Once you’ve experienced the incredible bounty of adventure activities the sea has to offer, turn your attention to the land. Fiji’s 333 islands boast many remote and beautiful scenic spots, and there are plenty of hiking options available if you want to see it all. How about hiking through the jungle to find secret waterfalls, making your way up through the clouds to the peak of Fiji’s highest mountain Mt Tomanivi, or trekking to Fiji’s Sigatoka Sand Dunes? Or if walking’s just too slow, why not jump on a quad bike and race across the islands at top speed instead? Check out Talanoa Treks to see the incredible guided tours they have on offer, or Terratrek if motorbikes and mud sounds more your speed.

Look to the skies

You’ve experienced all that the sea and land have to offer, but that doesn’t mean your adventure is over – now it’s time to embrace the ultimate adrenaline booster. There’s no better vantage point for Fiji’s stunning islands and coral reefs than the sky itself, and you can take it all in as you gracefully float down from your skydive 14,000 feet above. Skydive Fiji is a great option for all the family with no age limits (their youngest customer was 7, and their oldest yet was 92!) and it’s an easy trip, located in central Denarau. Make sure you check them out for an exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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