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Three Fijian Resorts with sustainability at their core

Today’s travellers are forever looking for authentic experiences that tread a little lighter on the earth. And that’s a good thing.  Here’s three amazing Fijian resorts doing their part to keep the earth as clean and green as possible.

Jean-Michel Costeau Resort Fiji

Eco-resort Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort bases its entire operations on one important principle; “to take as little from the environment as possible and to give back as much as we can and to respect others with whom we share this place with”. 

The resort’s founder (and namesake), Jean Michel Cousteau is a famous explorer and environmentalist, whose life passion is to preserve and protect our waters.

Through his four decades of extensive environmentalist work, Jean met the resort’s now resident marine biologist, Johnny Singh where they have created a number of programmes at the resort which aim to preserve the surrounding reefs and residing creatures.

These include the on-site coral farm, which is helping to grow broken coral fragments into healthier groups, along with the giant clam project, which is working to protect clams from excessive harvesting.

Visiting guests enjoy chemical-free spa lotions and ointments (products are made from natural, locally sourced ingredients) and the rooms are cleaned with non-phosphate cleaning products. 

Picture Credit below: Jean-Michel Costeau Facebook.

Six Senses Fiji 

Six Senses Fiji has developed a number of sustainability programs that include conserving energy and rainwater for the long term. 

The eco-resort makes their own high-quality drinking water in a reverse osmosis plant and refinery, grows organic produce and uses worm-based septic tanks.

They also have one of the largest off-grid solar installations using Tesla battery packs in the Southern Hemisphere.

Their sustainability efforts have not gone unnoticed, and in 2018 Six Senses Fiji took out the title in the Climate Action Category of the prestigious Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific (HICAP) awards.

The awards were designed to recognise hotels in the Asia Pacific region, creating innovative new methods, strategies and technologies to face today’s sustainable development challenge, while providing tangible examples of sustainable best practices that can be replicated and adapted across the region.

Picture credit: Six Senses Fiji.

Outrigger Fiji 

Since Outrigger Fiji introduced its coral planting program to its guests, the resort has planted 100 football fields worth of new coral! An amazing effort.

Dubbed OZONE (Outrigger Zone), the conservation initiative has one aim: to encourage practices and provide experiences which protect the oceans and coral reef for generations to come. 

Working with local marine biologists, the programs have also been rolled out sister properties Castaway Island Fiji, Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort and Mauritius Beach.
Picture credit: Outrigger Fiji.

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