romantic escapes: a beach wedding at Plantation Island

It’s hard to picture a more idyllic scene than a wedding on the beach of Plantation Island Resort. Long stretches of white sand set against the sparkling turquoise waters of the Pacific, tall palm trees silhouetted against the warm blue sky, and the love of your life waiting to say ‘I Do.’ 

It’s the perfect antidote to the stress of traditional weddings, and the team at Plantation Island Resort have carefully curated their wedding packages to make sure your Big Day is everything you’d hoped for.


Whether you’re getting married in the traditional Bure on the resort’s private beach, or travelling out by boat to an isolated and completely private sandbar at low tide, you can relax knowing the details have all been taken care of for you. 

The venue can cater for everything from elaborate weddings with 150 guests to private and romantic elopements, so you’re covered, whether you’re excited to celebrate with all of your nearest and dearest, or looking forward to quality alone time.


Although the pristine beaches need little decoration, your personal Wedding Coordinator (deluxe!) will help you to tailor your wedding package so it suits your budget and style. Whether you prefer a tropical, traditional, or tribal theme, the expert team know how to add the perfect extra touches to highlight your taste. 

The seasonal floral arrangements and exquisite food are only the beginning – a live band or choir is an awesome option to entertain your guests, and if you’re loving Island life, your wedding coordinator can arrange a Polynesian dance group or Fijian Kava ceremony to help you make the most of your island getaway. Brides can also arrange to be escorted down the aisle by Fijian warriors – how many of your friends can say they’ve had that?


When it comes to wedding admin, Plantation Island Resort has already thought of everything, so you can make like Elsa and ‘let it go.’ 

Their wedding packages set out all the documentation you’ll need to make your dream wedding a reality. They’ve got not one, but two certified wedding celebrants, and can arrange a priest or minister on request. 

And you won’t need to give accommodation for you and your guests a thought, as the resort can take care of that too!

Our verdict: The beautiful scenery, authentic cultural experiences and expert team at Plantation Island Resort can help any couple truly embody the title ‘the Happy Couple.’ If sun, surf, sand, and stress-free sounds like your dream cocktail, check them out today (and then you really can check out, while they take care of the rest!)

* All images courtesy of Leezett Photography.

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