Happiness is the new rich, and Fiji has got it in spades

Happiness is the new rich, and Fiji has got it in spades The Bula spirit in Fiji is not just a marketing ploy. You can feel it the moment you set foot off the plane, see it in the eyes of locals waving hello as you walk by, and you can hear it in the […]

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“I am truly so appreciative of all the calls and organising you did from Australia, and I know how much of a crazy person I would have sounded like, so thanks for being so supportive.”
I never really got the opportunity to thank you completely for everything you did for us over there. It was by far the most stressful time in my life to date, and when I didn’t feel like having those sympathetic talks with anyone over there, you really were the voice of reason and so so helpful.
Thanks again for your part in what, eventually, turned out to be the best day of our lives.

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“ Couldn’t have organised my dream wedding without Deahann. Can’t thank her enough for the effort she put in to make my dream wedding come true. ”

In addition to this, she also managed my guest bookings including flights, accommodation, travel insurance and transfers.Having one person to go to for this made the wedding planning just that much more simple.