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Picture credit above: Wedding Chicks.

If you’re hoping your wedding party will pull off an awesome bachelorette or bachelor’s party for you, look no further. Simply forward them this article, and then sit back and relax while they plan the perfect party to celebrate your impending nuptials. 

Attention all Maids of Honour and Best Men! Your mission is to plan an awesome event in Fiji to help your bride and groom celebrate in style. The great news: Fiji has everything you could possibly need to make this one for the history books. 

Here’s our ultimate guide to throwing a perfect Fijian pre-wedding party.

Picture credit: Lomani Island

Top Priority – Hit the Spas

If you want to make your bride feel special and relaxed before the big day, your first priority should be to hit one of Fiji’s many beautiful spas. Book the bride in for a traditional Fijian massage so she can forget all about her ‘wedmin to-do list’ for an hour or two (and while you’re at it, book yourself in for one too!) Or if you really want to kickstart the party vibes, why not book in for a spa party, so all the ladies can indulge in manicures, facials, hair treatments and the like, while sipping on champagne and playing fun bachelorette party games. 

This is absolutely something the guys can get in on too – lads, how about booking the groom in for a massage so he can relax while you prepare Phase Two of the day?

Cruising in style

If you’re keen to explore a bit further, your next port of call could be an afternoon cruise around Fiji’s islands. There are plenty of different cruises you can choose from depending on your budget and the kinds of activities you want to get into – how about stopping off at a private island for a picnic and an afternoon of swimming? Or an afternoon snorkelling and swimming around the boat in Fiji’s pristine waters? Cloud 9 is an awesome destination to cruise out to – a two-storey floating bar with great drinks and excellent food. 

Picture credit: Cloud 9 Fiji (left) Go Dirty Tours (Right)

Adventure calls

If your bride and groom are more actively-inclined, there are incredible options for you in Fiji. Hire some jet skis and hit the water, or explore the depths with a scuba instructor. Or how about spending the day soaking up the warm Fiji sun, sipping chilled beers and fishing? Go Dirty Tours is an awesome option if you’re willing to get a bit muddy (Ok, a lot muddy). You’ll get to ride quad bikes on a guided tour of Fiji’s forests, waterfalls, hot springs and more.

Keep the party going on the beach

At the end of the day, you can really make the most of your stay in island paradise by heading to a beach party. Beachcomber Island Resort in the beautiful Mamanuca Islands comes alive at night and is a perfect spot to dance until you drop. Enjoy delicious cocktails and pumping music, and take off your shoes to boogie bare-foot on the beach. A perfect way to cap off your day.

No matter your style or budget, Fiji has all of the ingredients to make your bride and groom feel special. Even without the special touches you’ll add, having your party in Fiji means you’ll be surrounded by the most incredible scenery the world has to offer, and can enjoy amazing Fijian hospitality while you bask in beautiful tropical weather – a great starting point for an event people will remember forever.

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