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Picture credit above: Malamala Beach Club

Is it getting to that time of the year where you can’t stop daydreaming about your perfect holiday? Close your eyes and imagine this: An island in the middle of the Pacific, where the sun is hot, the cocktails are flowing, and the good times literally don’t stop. 

Now open your eyes – you don’t need to daydream, because it’s a real place! Just 25 minutes by water taxi from Port Denarau is the world’s first private island beach club. Whether you’re looking to relax and take in the beautiful surroundings, snorkel in the shallows, or party on the beach like it’s 1999, Malamala Beach Club has it all! Malamala is the best beach club in Fiji! The title that is very well deserved. 

Picture credit above: Malamala Beach Club

Let’s talk luxury for a minute

We all want to relax a bit when we go on holiday, don’t we? It’s easy at Malamala Beach Island to forget your cares – reserve a cabana, and enjoy personal butler service as you soak in the Fiji warmth. Or speaking of soaking, how about a swim in the resort’s infinity pool as you sip freshly made cocktails straight from a coconut? When you’re ready to eat, you can enjoy world-class Pacific-inspired offerings from the club’s chef – choose whatever suits your appetite and style, from small divine bites over the day through to decadent sharing plates that’ll send you back to your cabana for a post-meal nap in the sun. 

Calling all endorphin-junkies

If luxuriating in a cabana all day sounds a bit dull for you, don’t fear! You can make the most of your beautiful surroundings and get your heart-rate up at the same time as you explore the azure waters around the island by kayak or paddle board. Or if you’d rather be in the water than on it, why not try snorkelling? And of course, there’s a day-long party going on on the beach, with live-mixed tunes to dance to all afternoon.

Picture credit above: Malamala Beach Club

Will you Malamala marry me?

It’s hard to imagine a better environment for romance than a warm beach with coconut trees swaying in the breeze and the gentle lapping of the Pacific. If you’re thinking of popping the question, let the staff at Malamala Beach Club know, and they’ll provide extra touches to make your special moment even more memorable. 

And why not revisit Malamala Beach Club when it comes time to tie the knot? No matter your style or budget, the event can be tailored exactly to you. Whether you’re looking for a chill, beachy vibe where a small party of guests can chill out on the deck drinking cocktails, or a more formal event with only you and your guests, Malamala has the answer for you. Wanting to invite 400 of your nearest and dearest? No worries – you can book out the entire island! 

The long pier makes the perfect aisle for brides as they arrive at the island, and if the happy couple wants a moment alone before or after the ceremony, they can do that, knowing their guests are having a fabulous time enjoying everything the island has to offer. 

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