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Destination proposals are becoming one of the most popular ways to pop the question to your loved one. And for good reason. Imagine this: You and your significant other walking barefoot on soft, white sand; the sound of crashing waves serving as your soundtrack. You pop down on one knee and you say the words everybody has dreamed of: “Will you marry me?” It’s a deal-closer, really.


Let’s count the number of memorable moments you can tick off all in one; spectacular backdrop? Check. Your significant other agreeing to spend their life with you? Check. A vacation from the office water cooler? Check. A good proposal story that you’ll be repeating for years to come? Check. Ding! Ding! Ding! It looks like we have a winning plan here. 


If you’ve decided to go this route, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips as to how you can nail the destination proposal and get that ‘yes’ you’ve been dreaming of. 

Prepare, prepare, prepare

This is not something you can wing on the day. Pick your destination in advance and do some research as to where exactly you want to pop the question. That beautiful beach you’ve seen on Instagram? It could be a tourist trap that leaves no privacy for intimate proposals.  A registered travel specialist from our team at I Do Fiji Holidays can also give you some handy destination tips to help you find the perfect spot. If you’re staying at a resort or hotel, call ahead in advance and let the staff know of your plans. That way they might be able to add some romantic touches to your room to get you in the mood for love (champagne, chocolates and rose petals anyone?).

Pack like a pro

Do not — we repeat — do not pack your ring in your luggage. You’ve always got to prepare for the worst, and the worst, in this case, is that your luggage may arrive late. We also don’t advocate for keeping the ring on your person either as security checks may spoil the surprise. Our advice? Pack it in your carry on but with non-conspicuous items — leave those 100 ml bottles of aftershave at home! Also, disguise the ring box in case you are pulled up by security for checks. 

Timing is key

Prepare to pop the question at the beginning of your trip. This will a.) eliminate the anxiety of the build-up for the asker and b.) allow for the rest of your trip to be a celebration of your upcoming nuptials. Believe us when we say, there is nothing more anxiety-inducing than carrying a big ol’ rock in your pocket for the whole week (yes we know how that sounded, get your mind out of the gutter!), so ask at the first moment you can!

Picture Perfect

Get in touch with a local photographer prior to your travel date and organise for them to inconspicuously photograph the moment. This, of course, is not compulsory, but having the magical moment preserved in film is a wonderful way to relive the day for years to come. 

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