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Picture credit above: Mana Island Fiji Facebook.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably already well aware that Fiji has no shortage of world-class resorts and spas. Regardless of your budget and tastes, you can find the perfect spot – whether you’re keen to party up large all night and sleep all day, chase adventure as you travel around the islands, or soak up the sun from the luxury of a private spa. 

We thought this time, we’d take a deep dive and look at one of our personal favourite spots, Mana Island Resort and Spa, and work out what it is that makes it so special.

The Resort

In the heart of the Mamanuca Archipelago is Mana Island, a small, private paradise hosting Mana Island Resort. This beautiful establishment, nestled between two golden beaches, is situated in a lush and tropical setting, and boasts everything you could possibly desire for an island getaway. 

Guests can choose to stay in traditional bures only steps away from the beach, or under the swaying palm trees further inland, and can spend their days enjoying everything the island has to offer – swimming, sunbathing, and snorkelling on the beaches, kayaking and wind-surfing a bit further out, or learning traditional Fijian crafts like grass skirt making and cooking Tavu-style on land. Parents can enjoy a well-earned break as well as children enjoy the delights of Kid’s Club the Meimei Centre, or can hire a personal babysitter to make date night extra special.

Picture credit: Mana Island Fiji


I can’t talk about a resort like Mana Island without giving a special shout-out to the spa. This one in particular is a dream if you’re planning a romantic getaway (especially if the kids are happily hanging out at the Meimei Centre!) When you’ve already indulged in the delightful couples treatments, take the romance one step further and book into a private spa bure where you and your beloved can soak away any remaining stress in a coconut milk spa. 


If a coconut milk jacuzzi with your partner isn’t enough romance for you, then what about taking the ultimate step and planning your Fiji wedding! You can do that too at Mana Island Resort and Spa, choosing either a relaxed and romantic beach wedding where you can connect with nature as well as your new husband or wife, or a ceremony in the resort’s beautiful Seaside Chapel. No matter how you choose to do it, it’ll be so easy and enjoyable that you’ll wish you could get married again and again – the resort can organise everything for you, from the minister and wedding licence to the food and accommodation for you and your guests! 

It’s hard to pin-point exactly why we like this resort so much. It’s not just the picture perfect setting and the idyllic options available at the spa, or the fact that this resort is working hard to conserve its natural beauty, or even the incredible range of activities you can choose to get involved in, but all of these amazing things together that make it such a sweet spot. And actually, why not choose a place that literally has it all? You deserve it, girl!

 Now please excuse me, I’m off to soak away my troubles in a decadent coconut milk bath.

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