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Wedding Timeline

Natalie Timeline2Knowing where to be and what time is crucial for your wedding day to run smoothly, and that applies to guests too.

One particular item on trend for destination weddings is a Wedding Timeline. Put simply, it’s a schedule.

The timeline commonly lists the ceremony and reception locations, and the times to be at each. Couples can use the timeline to indicate to guests what is planned after you’ve made your nuptials and before the celebratory dinner begins – while the photo shoot is taking place. It outlines what time your reception needs to be wound up (due to noise curfews), as well as where the post-reception festivities will continue. The document can also be used to indicate your preferred wedding day hashtag, so you and your guests can easily locate and share posts. For something so small, it packs a wealth of information.

Most couples tend to arrange for a Wedding Timeline to be delivered to the  hotel room of their guests the evening before the big day. It’ll also save you having to reply to multiple texts on your wedding day morning, instructing guests to be here or there.

If you have the patience and skills, you can prepare a Wedding Timeline on your own. But I recommend getting a professional involved, like the highly creative Tara from buy generic viagra with paypal.

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