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Theresa & Julius’ Wedding Day

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Nanuku Auberge Resort


17 December 2016


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IDFH: What was the drawcard of a Fiji wedding?

Theresa: We live in New Zealand but are both from Fiji and have our families here.

IDFH: What was Nanuku’s appeal?

Theresa: We had held our engagement party at Nanuku. The food was great, the setting was ideal, the staff were so flexible and accommodating for our event – it really sealed the deal for us.

Nanuku is so intimate. We had 200 guests and the resort has a capacity of 52. The whole place was going to be ours. Our guests could relax and feel at home. I didn’t want our wedding to be a ‘tourist attraction’ as it can tend to be at the larger resorts.

We wanted our wedding day to be an event for our family and friends only. Nanuku provided that. Also Nanuku was close to lot of activities and various types of accommodation for guests with different budgets.

IDFH: You were married in December. How was the weather?

Theresa: The only thing you can’t plan is the weather. We got married in a Tropical Depression! The weather was atrocious – it was windy and soaking wet. Thank goodness we had temporary marquee set in front of the clubhouse. The saving grace was that the wet weather meant that it wasn’t the usual December heat!

IDFH: What time did you wed?

Theresa: I have no idea! We were running on Fiji Time!

IDFH: Was there any entertainment?

Theresa: Nanuku provided a meke (traditional dancers) for the guests during the cocktail hour. The entertainment was excellent. They got everyone involved and everyone had so much fun.

IDFH: What was your overall opinion of the day and Nanuku experience?

Theresa: It was amazing! Nanuku couldn’t have done anything better!

The service wasn’t only professional, but heartfelt. I don’t know if you can say that about any other resort or country.

Nanuku staff were our family for our short stay and they made sure we never wanted for anything. Despite the weather, we had the best time and it was  a great day!

(Images supplied by ZoomFiji Photography & Cinematography)

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