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Fear of exposing your inner bridezilla is nothing to be ashamed of, and when it comes to planning your wedding the time will arrive when you need to decide if you want to take that path alone or enlist the experience of a generic viagra with paypal

So what are the advantages of booking with a travel agent like myself compared to going directly yourself? Allow me to explain the benefits.

Experience – It’s been my pleasure to have assisted brides with the co-ordination of over 100 Fiji weddings in my 16+ year travel industry career. I’ve worked with couples seeking elopements, to those requiring a whirlwind wedding put together in 40 days, and for groups of up to 120 people. Not only am I well-versed on the accommodation options in Fiji, I’ve been working with locally-based wedding coordinators, airlines, transfer, cruise and tour operators for nearly two decades! Travel jargon such as seasonality, early birds, black-out periods, allocations and upgrades is all second nature to me, so why bother yourself with learning the travel talk?

Knowledge – I’ve dealt with almost all resorts and hotels in Fiji with arranging wedding packages. Having travelled to Fiji close to 30 times, I’m very familiar with the wedding facilities and packages on offer at most hotels, resorts and islands. If you’d like to know the difference in room types, specific information on menu options, need advice selecting hair and make-up artists, photographers, bonbonnieres, entertainment, your dream ceremony location and picking the ideally suited DJ for your reception, then that’s where I can help.

Awareness – My strong and established ties with suppliers in Fiji and travel industry knowledge means I’m also privy to when specials are coming available, or if a particular resort is undergoing refurbishments or upgrades you might want to be aware of this to avoid inconveniencing your group.

Relationships – Partnerships with suppliers is paramount in this field. My connections in Fiji allow me to get responses to your wedding questions and concerns promptly. Let me take the hassle off your hands to get answers to the tricky questions with my extensive list of contacts.

Room Allocation – Those relationships with trusted suppliers enables me to reserve services, such as room allotments at hotels & resorts, for your group. An allocation lets couples block off a set number of rooms in advance to their wedding – helpful if you are initially unsure of the specific number of guests who may be attending.

Point of contact – as a member of the home-based TravelManagers Australia network, I have the flexibility to work the hours that suit me – even if that means only getting 5 hours sleep a night!

I’m on-call for my brides, and my most productive time coincides with when you are most likely online or flicking through bridal magazines looking for inspiration for your wedding – in the evening. In me, you also have a point of contact in cases of urgent matters or emergencies for your wedding. If your flight schedule is suddenly changed by the airline, I’m able to inform your suppliers to ensure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Same, if not better rates – I have access to the same accommodation rates and specials you’ll come across, and in some cases, even better deals. At least allow me to quote you a no obligation wedding package, and see what you think.

NO SERVICE FEE WITH DEE – I’ve heard of some destination wedding coordinators charging service fees of up to $3,000 to assist you with planning – I Do Fiji Holidays – Weddings has NO SERVICE FEE.

I think you’ll agree that money is better spent on making your dream wedding day become a reality!

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