Natalie’s Testimonial

Natalie and Matt-100

Dee was amazing right from day one. From the minute we were even contemplating getting married in Fiji I contacted her. Matthew and I got valuable information consistently.

Dee’s service cut out so much of the research time I would have had to do. We were given specials updates frequently, she was also the middle (wo)man between myself and the resort and helped to ensure everything was running smoothly for our wedding in Fiji. It was amazing to have Dee’s support as the decision to get married overseas can be daunting.

It was great to have someone ready to help you and make your dreams come true alongside you.

Thanks so much Dee for all of your help & for responding to my thousands of messages and for putting my mind at ease.

And thank you so, so much also for running the competition that I won! Still the best thing I have ever won in my life!”

(Natalie married Matt at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort in Dec 2016)

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