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Natalie & Matt’s Wedding Day

buy generic viagra with paypalNatalie approached I Do Fiji Holidays to assist with her wedding coordination nearly 12 months ago. She and her husband Matt wed at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort on 17 December 2016.

I Do Fiji Holidays chatted with Natalie a few questions about her destination wedding experience.

IDFH: Why did you choose a destination wedding, and why Fiji?
Natalie: My husband and I visited Denarau in 2014 and absolutely loved the culture and the naturally friendly people. Matthew put forward the idea of a destination wedding. After many conversations we decided Fiji was such a beautiful location to get married. We also wanted to eliminate as much stress as possible and be relaxed in the lead up to the wedding day, and on the day itself.

We decided on the Outrigger after lots of research and consulting. We had not previously been to the Outrigger so for anyone who is considering a destination wedding, Fiji is so amazing.

I strongly suggest going on a holiday to Fiji to have a look at the wedding venues and destinations to see what suits you best. We were lucky that the Outrigger was everything we could’ve asked for.

IDFH: What clinched your decision to choose the Outrigger, and how long did you stay?
Natalie: After weeks of researching and reading Facebook reviews, we decided on the Outrigger. I have two acquaintances that got married at the Outrigger and they could not list one negative at all. They both had very different weddings and loved the lead up and the wedding day. They continually mentioned how stress-free the whole wedding had been. This is exactly what Matthew and I wanted, so we enquired about costs and decided to go forward with the Outrigger.

We stayed for a total of eight days. There is so much to do at the Outrigger – bars, restaurants, pools, kids club, and not to mention the range of activities that are put on every day for the guests.

IDFH: What dress did you wear & what was it that made you pick this design?
Natalie: I chose an Allure dress from Ferrari Bridal in Melbourne. The gown was a sweetheart A line cut, was partially lace and had a detailed bodice and long lace train.

I loved the dress, it just felt right when I put it on. I’d tried many others but felt as if some of them were missing something. Once I put on the Allure gown I immediately knew it was ‘the one’. It made me feel elated and emotional.

This was the first time it hit me that I was going to be a bride.

IDFH: Were there any hiccups or stand out funny moments?
Natalie: The weather turning bad, but I am just thankful that it didn’t cause a huge amount of disruption. Funniest moments were with our hair & make-up artist, Stanley Morrell.He’s so funny and puts everyone at ease around him.

IDFH: Any tips or advice for future destination wedding brides deciding if they should choose Fiji?
Natalie: There are so many perks about a destination wedding. The whole lead up to the wedding is a perfect time for family and friends meeting and gathering. It was a constant party. I’m an anxious person and stress a lot but having the ability to just slowly work through decisions online was fantastic.

For those who are really controlling, you may find this process challenging. I took my time, researched, emailed back and forth and put my trust in the Outrigger staff (who are amazing). They created my dream wedding just by reading my generalised instructions on paper. It was the best decision we made. We had the best time and loved every minute of it.

IDFH: What photographer did you choose and why?

Natalie: We chose K Thorpe (Konrad Thorpe). I loved the images he had online. They were not your typical bride and groom frontal shots. The photos he took told a story. They looked like bridal magazine images. His customer service skills were amazing also. Nothing was too much trouble for him. He responded to questions quickly and assured me that all would be fine.

Konrad was so relaxed on the day. Usually in weddings I have been a part of, chaos hits as soon as the photographer arrives. Konrad just look his time to make us all feel comfortable.

I have so many positive things to say about Konrad. He arrived at the Outrigger one day early to ensure he would be there for the wedding day (as floods had affected the roads). The weather on our wedding day was shocking so we were not able to take many pictures.

Konrad picked us up the day after the wedding to go and take couple shots as he did not want us to go home from a destination wedding without images of the true Fiji. He took us off site and captured amazing pictures for us.

I strongly recommend K Thorpe for wedding photography.

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