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overwater-buresIt’s still a good four months before Fiji’s newest five-star luxury resort – Fiji Marriott Momi Bay Resort – begins welcoming guests,  and excitement is fever pitch from people yearning for more info. And while Marriott has been a bit of a recluse about the 250-room project, I Do Fiji Holidays has managed to obtain some details in advance to the official announcement that’s sure to have couples considering the luxury resort for their ‘big day’.

Last month, I Do Fiji Holidays flew into Nadi and captured an aerial image of the Marriott (below) which has caused a lot of commotion on our Facebook and Instagram accounts and led to a few new wedding enquiries for the yet-to-open resort.


Image: I Do Fiji Holidays

Not intent with just an aerial image, IDFH hit the road and headed out to Momi Bay to try get a closer look of the property to share with readers.

Fiji Marriott Momi Bay Resort & Spa is about 30 minutes south of Nadi International Airport heading on Queens Road towards the Coral Coast.

Turning off Queens Road after passing through the village of Nalovo, the fully sealed road to Momi Bay is a scenic route, with lots of twists and turns and ups and downs. If you are self driving, you’ll need to watch out for the odd cow, horse or even stray tractor on the side of the road.


Image: I Do Fiji Holidays

The beauty of the Marriott Fiji is its hidden location. A few rolling hills in the property’s foreground keeps it secret from the outsider looking in. Basically, if you don’t know there’s a world-class resort being built at the end of the sealed road, you’d have no idea what’s ahead.

Marriott Fiji Resort Momi Bay entry point

Image: I Do Fiji Holidays / Marriott Fiji Resort Momi Bay entry point

The giveaway that there’s something special is a colossal sized entry that was under development. A property befitting the stature of Fiji Marriott Momi Bay Resort beckons a grand entry, and that’s what guests will find here.

Being a construction site, understandably I Do Fiji Holidays was knocked back entry to the site by security. But at least we tried. However we were able to grab a few photos of how things are looking from various nearby vantage points, captured in this gallery.

Now for a few pics you may not have seen as yet that we’ve pulled from Facebook accounts of people on the ground at the resort.


Image: Facebook / Overwater Bure Villas

For background, as we stated back in July, the 250-room property is based around Fiji’s only man-made lagoon and will consist of 114 free-standing bures and 136 standard rooms. Twenty-two spacious Deluxe Overwater Bure Villas (above) with their own Balcony and direct water access will be a focal point of the property.

Included in that number are two One Bedroom Bure Villas – ideal for Newlyweds and Honeymooners.


Image: Facebook / Deluxe Rooms

There are 136 Deluxe Rooms, most of which are overlooking the lagoon and closer to the resort’s facilities (ie. kids club, spa, specialty restaurant and conference facilities).


Image: Facebook / Bure Villas

The 114 Bure Villas will be a mix of Duplex (42m²), Deluxe (60m²) and One-bedrooms (75m²), offering either lagoon or ocean facing views.


Image: Facebook / Bure Villa



Due to its remote location, the resort will feature a range of dining options, including the all-day dining Goji Kitchen & Bar, casual Fish Grill & Bar (above) and the Lagoon House Restaurant & Bar, serving up classic Italian and Mediterannean cuisine.

The Fish Grill & Bar appears to have its own an infinity edge pool.


Image: Artist Impression

Our attempt to see the resort was however not in vain, as we were given confirmation from an onsite contractor that Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay will indeed have its own private wedding chapel!!

Where the wedding chapel be positioned, we are still unsure? What it will look like, we still don’t know. We’re taking a punt thinking it will carry the same Bure-style look common across the resort, something like this artist impression (above).

The resort will offer an on-site hair dresser, pedicure and manicure services, making it a one-stop shop for brides on their wedding day.

Marriott will also debut its Quan Spa in the South Pacific at Momi Bay, with the resort to offer six treatment rooms, including two couples rooms with private plunge pools.

When we have more details and images of the resort, we’ll be sure to keep readers updated.

And register your details with us to find out more and to check availability when the resort becomes available. Email buy viagra cheap online australia