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facebook page – Stephen & Brooke

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without Facebook. The social media platform has revolutionised the way I operate my business compared to even five years ago. It’s not just used to keep me informed about what’s happening in the lives of my friends & colleagues, old and new, but a godsend when it comes to communicating with a large group of people.

facebook page - Stephen & BrookeOnce a couple have chosen the date of their Fiji destination wedding it’s time to get the ball rolling on letting friends and potential guests know. Remember, your wedding guests are going to need to take leave from their jobs to celebrate your ‘big day’, so the more time you provide them, the better.

That’s where Facebook streamlines the updating process. A decade ago, I Do Fiji Holidays brides would have to make a phone call, send an email or an SMS to share details of their wedding plans with friends, and then they’d wait a few days to hear a response.

Enter Facebook. One of the first things I suggest to my brides is to create a Facebook group page for their wedding. This will become an invaluable resource as you’ll be able to keep track of an unlimited amount of information in the one spot, answer common questions only the once and provide a countdown until wedding day!

As a friend on your group page, I introduce myself to your wedding guests and act as the point of contact for all their queries regarding flights, accommodation, travel insurance and so on. I take the pressure of couples and am able to share loads of information with your guests, providing expert advice for the entire troupe.

Your posse may what  to know general info about Fiji, such as weather, driving distances, currency, etc. or more relevant info for your wedding, such as what time the ferry leaves Port Denarau for your island resort, which company to use for your transfers and help with booking interconnecting rooms.

As a licenced and professional travel agent, I’m well informed about the latest specials, so I Do Fiji Holidays also uses the Facebook page to post when promotions have been released on flights and at your resort. Plus I can suggest group activities (hens & bucks parties) and sightseeing.

It’s all included as part of the personalised I Do Fiji Holidays service and experience.   Cheers.

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