Go into the Chapel – Sigavou Chapel


If you’ve always dreamed of tying the knot in a chapel in a remote location and somewhere a little out of the norm, then Fiji has a raft of options available for you.

One particular hot-spot for couples is at the Sigavou Chapel, located in a corner of Treasure Island Resort in the Mamanucas.

The Sigavou wedding chapel is unique in that it has exquisite glass walls, enabling the wedded couple and their guests to absorb the scenic surrounds including the Pacific Ocean which acts as the backdrop.

There is also a one-of-a-kind for Fiji, glass aisle running down the centre of the chapel, beneath which is a display of seashells on sand, which leads to an elevated platform (two steps) at the front-end.

Sigavou Chapel is air-conditioned and also has sliding doors for added comfort and through breeze.

It has a capacity for 30 people seated, but can accommodate a maximum of 100 guests for a standing ceremony.

As Treasure Island is compact at 14.5 acres in size, it’s never too far to walk to the chapel for brides, grooms and their guests. In fact some rooms are located adjacent to the chapel, so in around 10 steps you’ll be at the chapel! And once a wedding ceremony is complete, the immediate area surrounding Sigavou Chapel is ideal for wedding photography!

The chapel is available year-round at Treasure Island Resort, but is utilised only a handful of times per month because it’s that secret (until now!), really making it a treasure for couples in search of something out of this world.

Images courtesy of Ocean Studio Fiji Photography.



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