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You’ve probably taken weeks, or more likely months to decide on the ideal gown for your wedding.  It’s a big decision. Whatever style, cut, texture or even colour you decide on, one concern that is often overlooked until a few days before your Fiji wedding is how exactly will your gown make it there in one piece.

You’re not alone if you are worried about packing your gown in your suitcase, in with your casual-wear, footwear, swimwear and underwear. Brides have enough to stress about already, let alone the fear of having their wedding dress being mishandled, misplaced or worse yet, shipped on a flight to Mt Fuji, not Fiji!

What stowage options are available on flights to Fiji for couples? I Do Fiji Holidays asked the airlines flying between Australia and Fiji what they offer to set a bride’s mind at ease for her flight.

Virgin Australia’s Cabin Standards team offered the following information;

» Brides are permitted to carry their wedding dress onto the flight

» In terms of storage, it depends on the aircraft. If one of our A330 aircraft, then the dress will be hung in the Business Class closet which is a full length closet. If one of our Boeing 737 aircraft, the options include;

¤  Lay the dress flat in the overhead locker with no bags in there

¤  If the flight is full and the overhead compartments are full but the dress isn’t too ‘poufy, the dress can be laid flat on top of the bags.

¤  If the dress holds in half already, it can be hung behind Business class guests where jackets hang.

In order to the make the trip as seamless as possible, it can’t hurt for the bride-to-be to contact our Guest Contact Centre on 13 67 89 prior to the flight to inform us that they’ll be travelling with a wedding dress. That way the information can be passed onto the crew operating the flight.

Fiji’s national carrier, Fiji Airways would also offer brides assistance.

» In addition to cabin baggage allowance, passengers may carry on board a wedding dress/gown. However, this will have to be stored in the overhead locker, especially in our Boeing 737s. Our crew are able to assist with the stowage.


» For our Airbus A330s, whilst there isn’t any designated storage space for such items, cabin crew may be able to facilitate hanging the dress/gown in a cupboard. Fiji Airways just need to know in advance so we can alert our crew to this. Leisure carrier, Jetstar Airways said its cabin crew will offer passengers the ability to store a wedding dress/gown in an onboard locker or overhead bin, but cannot guarantee space will be available. A Jetstar representative suggested to I Do Fiji Holidays transporting a gown as checked baggage.


This article features in the 20 January 2016 issue of the I Do Fiji Holidays’ newsletter.


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