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Elle & Andrew’s Wedding Day

Elle’s story…

Andrew and I love to travel around the world snowboarding. While we were in Niseko in Japan Andrew said, “Next holiday is going to be somewhere beachy and sunny and warm!” Then it hit me, we should get married in Fiji!!! Lets be honest, that place is the ultimate sunny holiday destination!!

We originally visited Fiji for the inaugural Fiji Wedding Expo that was held at the Shangri-La Fijian Resort in 2016. We used the expo to scope out Fiji and get educated. It’s also where we met Dee from I Do Fiji Holidays! While in Fiji, she helped us coordinate visits to some of the different resorts, organised transport and meetings with the wedding coordinators.

However, we eventually came back three additional times and explored several more resorts before we stumbled across the little beautiful pearl of Musket Cove. There we were greeted with joyous singing, smiles, coconut water and a fresh cloth! Gloria was the wedding planner and another charismatic lady showed us the sites around Musket Cove and we just fell in love with the place. I believe there was a more authentic, relaxed feel to the place and we decided this was home!!!

Our wedding day was relaxed from beginning to end. There were no hassles. Everything was super easy. Gloria was all over everything. Because our package had all arrangements included we didn’t really have to worry too much about it!

The weather was absolutely perfect. I could not ask for a nicer day. A light breeze, few clouds in the sky, cool and not too muggy.

Totoka Hair & Make Up came in with smiles and high energy – Lodo and Ludy brought some tunes to set the mood, and the mimosas were on!

We cruised around and were just enjoying hanging out.

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Laurence from Nadi Bay Photography arrived and he was flitting around taking photos, swapping photography stories with my mum (as she too is an avid photographer). Photos here and there, stories of how Andrew and I met. We were all going through hair and make up and getting it done and looking fabulous!! Getting changed and getting excited as the time drew closer.

Getting in the dress was a little nerve racking. It was tight to get into with all the fingers wedged everywhere. Shoes were on, mum and the girls were putting on the final touches, a few more photos, and then we are lining up at the door for a 3 o’clock start, ready to walk out to 30 of our closest friends and family.

Our little beach setting had lovely chairs set up. There was a beautifully decorated arch erected by the Musket staff and tripods with gorgeous flowers on display at the entrance which I had seen from a wedding the day prior and arranged with Gloria to have added to our ceremony. (Gosh she was amazing! She said I was an “easy bride” but I swear I was a pain in the toosh asking for all sorts of bits and pieces!!!)

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Fjiian warriors escorted me from my room out to my waiting brother. Dressed in his traditional Scottish formal wear and he then walked me down the aisle. It was great to have him with us.

I walked down the aisle to 1000 Years by Christina Perry and the waterworks were on in the crowd! My brother handed me to my mum, who in turn gave me away to Andrew. I was beaming, and keeping it together, until I saw my mum pink faced with happy tears down her cheeks, me smiling at Andrew, Andrew smiling back at me with a tilted head, looking amazing also!!!

We got through the ceremony with lots of laughs and love in our eyes. Our celebrant was sincere and sharing words of wisdom to us.

Our mothers did a reading and we wrapped up the ceremony in about 30 minutes, which was cool. I didn’t want anything longer.

Then we were off for our photos with Laurence. They were a lot of fun. Andrew and I quickly realised were weren’t models!

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We travelled to the far side of the island to get the plantation images, and Laurence helped push our buggy to get to our destination over a hill. When we finished our photography session we returned to our reception and were greeted with applause and cheers. Our MC kicked off.

The food was UNREAL! It was incredible. So delicious and our guests were raving about it (and they still do to this day!).

We were blessed with an incredible sunset, full moon, high tide and a lightening storm that splayed across the far island.

We surprised our guests by organising for a show by a group of traditional Fijian dancers. I wanted to share our love for the Fijian culture with my guests, apart from that whole eating of other people thing! 🙂 We chose a local group which were mostly family members.

There was fire twirling and hand clapping and a mean stare down from the leader of their group that made husby kinda awkward, but ended okay!! They were all fabulous and lead us back to the reception area with an elephant dance!!! Laughing with our hands in the air, looking ridiculous, we couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining group of people!!

After the main course there was a final surprise. A fire works display while we cut the cake!!! 

Boy our guests got the surprise of their lives, and absolutely loved it!!! I gave Gloria the nod and she did the ‘bat signal’ and boooooom!!!! God it was such a great way to end the evening!!! Our DJ was fantastic and maybe played a little more gangster-style music than we would normally have gone for, but good times!!!

We finished the night up and flopped in our bed exhausted, with all our little treats Musket Cove had left us.


Musket Cove Island Resort


3 November 2017


Elle’s dress was a custom two-piece gown made by Elvie Design from Kalamunda in Perth.
Andrew’s suit was a custom George & King lightweight suit in dark cobalt blue.
Elle’s bridesmaids wore “what they felt amazing in”


Gloria from Musket Cove Resort & Spa arranged the bouquets which consisted of pink gingers for Elle, and red gingers for the bridesmaids.


Dee and I met at the Wedding Expo at the Shangri-La in 2016 and I cant tell you how accommodating and responsive she was!

We had a bit of a debacle half-way through and she did the most seamless change to another amazing company and was extremely supportive in the aftermath of the hiccup.

Dee’s communication was great. Always very informative, gave me everything I needed to know. She made the whole process of planning SOOOO good – once we found that destination, it was all stations go. And boy was it a fun ride!!! There are not enough thank you’s in the world for everything you have done!


Images courtesy of Nadi Bay Photography

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