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packling list

Don’t forget your toothbrush! The joys of travelling abroad for work or a holiday also carry with it the distinct possibility of forgetting to pack something important. That goes for destination weddings too! 

Of course, Fiji does have stores where you can always pick-up items you’ve neglected to pack, but there are creature comforts that won’t be so easy to replace.

Items such as mobile phone & handheld device chargers and their power adaptors (not just the cord) are commonly forgotten, as are over the shelf medicines, such as pain killers (Panadol), insect repellant and aloe vera after sun creams (for sunburn).

But more specifically for brides on their wedding day, here’s a few easily forgotten items you should ensure you have packed.

1) A small sewing pack with safety pins, and needle & thread for dress malfunctions.emergency sewing kit

perfume spray2) Your favourite perfume.

3) Oil blotting paper/powder for your forehead, nose or chin, to take away the shine without ruining your make-up.

4) A small pack of tissues that your husband-to-be can stash in his trouser pocket for the inevitable tears to come.

oil blotting paper5) Clinically strength deodorant, as you’re likely going to be out in the sun in the heat for your wedding photos.

6) A pair of back-up flat shoes, for when you realise heels and sand don’t mix!

7) Shoe deodorant, as it helps your shoes from slipping (thanks Alana Hesketh for the tip! Dee).

8) and band-aids!


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