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Just because you’ve chosen Fiji for your destination wedding – a location that conjures up thoughts of sunshine, sand and surf – it doesn’t mean your special day won’t be classy.

With the year-round average temperature in the mid-20s (and over 30 in summer months), brides and grooms should expect to get a bit sweaty on their wedding day in Fiji, especially if its an outdoor ceremony on the beach or in a garden setting.

If you haven’t already started looking, wedding dresses come in a multitude of fabrics. There’s bridal satin, brocade, charmeuse, crepe, chiffon, damask, dupioni silk, faille, georgette, jacquard, lace, matte, organza, satin, silk, taffeta and tulle, just to name a few! (The website Wedding Dresses I Love goes through each in great detail).

Typically, brides in Fiji will wear a dress made from lace. Popular wedding dress/gown designers include Grace Loves Lace, Anna Campbell and Jean Fox. Because of the heat in Fiji, you’ll want to avoid materials such as satin or polyester, if you can.

For the groom and groomsmen, I recommend ditching the suit jacket, especially in summer. And  the waistcoat of a three-piece suit, while looking very dapper for photographs, is in my eyes overkill. It’s an added layer of warmth that’s going to make an already balmy day stickier than it needs to.  Go lightweight, breathable and light in colour.

As for footwear, I suggest flats, sandals or wedge heels. High heels are only going to get lost in the sand during a beachside ceremony or when taking post wedding professional photos. There are now plenty of stylish beaded flats/thongs on the market which are suitable for brides to wear.

Your invited family and friends will appreciate your earliest advice on what you envisage them to be wearing when you tie-the-knot in Fiji. Some, maybe all, may have never been to a South Pacific island before and will be relying on your direction as to what’s going to be acceptable to wear and what is too casual.

So what do you tell your guests the dress-code will be? I Do Fiji Holidays put the call out to its Facebook Closed Group members to see how other brides have handled group dress code requirements. Here were some of the responses.

I called it Resort Chic and said ‘Boys, no jeans or shorts and Ladies, dress to impress’, and everyone looked amazing. There were a few weddings before mine and I really disliked what some guests wore, so I’m glad I emphasised no jeans or shorts,

Stacey Mead told IDFH.

Fiona Ming was specific with her family and friends, posting on her Facebook wedding page that wedge heels or sandals for the ladies “will be easier to walk in” and “button-up shirt and dressy smart casual pants (no jeans, shorts or thongs)” for the men.

Anything you would normally wear to a wedding that is comfortable enough for the tropical heat,

Ming added.

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