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Deep in thought about Fiji

It really is a no brainer why you’re thinking of Fiji as you’re chosen destination wedding location. The South Pacific island paradise is renowned for delivering a heavy dose of sun, sand, culture and affordability for Australian couples. Plus it’s only 3.5hrs flight away from the east-coast, so why not make an adventure out of your wedding day?

While you are convinced on Fiji, there may be some trepidation by your soon-to-be ‘better half’.
Let’s assess some of the advantages to help bring your future spouse on side –

  • Sunshine – the Fijian islands is blessed with year-round sunshine, with day-time temperatures steady at between 26c -31c. The most popular time to visit is from late March to early December, avoiding the ‘wet season’ (typically from November thru to April).
  • Variety of options – the overwhelming majority of couples will chose to marry at a resort on Denarau Island (not far from Nadi Town), the Coral Coast or on one on Fiji’s many surrounding islands. There are hotels, resorts and exclusive retreats to cater for all tastes, budgets and group sizes.
  • Location, Location, Location – options of beach, chapel or garden weddings at amazing resorts.
  • Picture postcard photos – you’ll be the envy of all your friends when sharing your wedding photos, taken at breathtaking Fijian resort beaches.
  • All Inclusive packages – no hidden costs, with the price a fraction of what you will pay in Australia. Some resort wedding packages also include accommodation in the price.
  • Group size limiting – if you’re concerned, your guest numbers will be too big in Australia, heading abroad is a great way of containing attendees.
  • Stress free – having a professional, experienced & dedicated wedding planner takes all the hassle out of organising your day alone.
  • Holiday at the same time – it’s not every day you get married, so why limit the celebration to just one day? Make a long weekend or short escape from the norm with friends & family. Throw in a dose of R&R, pampering & activities and you’ve got yourself a once in a life-time, memorable holiday!
  • Hello, … Honeymoon! – there is no reason to fly elsewhere. You’re already in paradise, so after your wedding head to a couples only retreat.

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