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wedding expos australia

Mark your calendars brides! Wedding Expos Australia has confirmed the 14 dates and venues for next year’s events across Australia. Due to popularity, second expo dates have been announced for Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

The line-up includes:

  • Sydney City – Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport (18 February)
  • Adelaide – Adelaide Entertainment Centre (4 March)
  • Melbourne – Caulfield Racecourse (18 March)
  • Parramatta – Rosehill Gardens Racecourse (8 April)
  • Perth – Ascot Racecource (6 May)
  • Wollongong – City Beach Function Centre (20 May)
  • The Hills, NSW – Castle Hill RSL Club (3 June)
  • Brisbane – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (22 July)
  • Sydney – Sydney Showground (19 August)
  • Adelaide – Convention Centre (9 September)
  • Western Sydney – Penrith Panthers Club (23 September)
  • Perth – Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (14 October)
  • Melbourne – Melbourne Showgrounds (28 October)
  • Central Coast, NSW – Crowne Plaza Terrigal (18 November)

Additional details at buy generic viagra with paypal

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